Getting A Mortgage with Student Loan Debt

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A lot of young Americans went to college, studied hard but in addition to getting a diploma, they also graduated with debt. Having loans is not a deal breaker but it will factor into the important debt-to-income (or DTI) ratio, and mortgage underwriters are primarily looking at the numbers so having it be student loan debt isn’t different from a car loan in the math. Strategies to get approved with student loan debt Pay it down – this maybe easier said than done but if you have extra money or got a raise then try to pay down the debt Consolidate it – if you can consolidate your debt and lower your monthly payment (even not the overall loan amount) this will help your monthly DTI ratio Co-sign – this can be a delicate process but its one to consider if you have a trustworthy, reliable family member or friend Programs and Assistance Sometimes a conventional mortgage might not be possible but there are options! FHA, VA, and USDA loans offer a lot more flexibility and lower down payments than traditional mortgages Grants and Programs – there are a number of grants and programs out there from the federal to local level that you may qualify for If you’re interested in qualifying for a loan but worried about your student debt give us a call or apply online and we can see what best fits your needs!