Finding Your Perfect Spot: What to Look for in a new Neighborhood

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You may have noticed more people moving to new areas lately – sometimes across the country, sometimes across town, either way here are ten things to look for when considering a new neighborhood.
1. Property Taxes – you should look at property taxes and also how much they’ve increased in the last five years and if any increases are planned. It’s a good idea to build this into your budget too.
2. Amenities – check what’s nearby based on your interests, restaurants, groceries stores, houses of worship etc.
3. Future development – it’s a good idea to check and see what future development is planned – it might be a good or bad thing but either way its worth checking.
4. Crime rates – you can check local crime rates online or even contact the local police department to get a better feel.
5. See the area for yourself – its best to hang around the area especially at different times of the day to get a feel for what its really like.
6. Commute times – you probably already thought about this but make sure to check the times during rush hour too.
7. Schools – if you have kids, you already thought about this. But good schools can also be a good sign of a well-kept neighborhood.
8. Housing Values – check the current values and compare them with five and 10 years ago.
9. Walkability and activities – depending on your tastes see what activities are nearby.
10. Personal Fit – everyone has different tastes so try to match the neighborhood with yours – new or old, tight-knit or independent, quiet or bustle, these are individual fits but finding the right one will help you enjoy your home that much more! And of course reach out to us with questions and if you haven’t gotten pre-qualified yet make sure you do 🙂