Do Swimming Pools Add Value To A Home?

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With summer around the corner, a lot of people are asking if a swimming pool will add value to their home (to be clear, we are talking about in-ground pools here).
The answer is, it depends. Studies show that it can add 5% or more to the value of your home, but these studies pre-date Covid. If you are in a warmer climate like Texas or Florida, pools can add more value and may be more desirable. In fact, if your home is in a high-end area where most homes have pools, lacking one can actually lower your home’s value.
Of course, you have to take into account the building and maintenance costs, as well as whether your yard has enough space to accommodate a pool while still leaving ample area.
It’s probably a good idea to add a pool for your own enjoyment rather than just building one to increase resale value. If you’d like more feedback on your property and how it fits into the market, feel free to schedule a consultation with us on our website for more details and the latest market conditions. We can also discuss lines of credit to fund pool development.