2-1 Buydown Loans Explained

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We all know that interest rates are higher than they were a year ago (and we all hope they don’t stay that way). A product that is becoming more popular is a 2-1 buydown, which provides a lower interest rate for the first year of the loan, then increases in the second year, and the third and subsequent years will have the full interest rate. To compensate for the lower payments, a fee is charged.

A buydown can be financed by either the homebuyer or the home seller. This payment can take the form of mortgage points or a one-time sum placed in an escrow account managed by the lender, which is then used to subsidize the borrower’s reduced monthly payments. Often, sellers, including home builders, utilize 2-1 buydowns as an incentive for potential buyers.

Buydowns are not available for all loans; for example, they are available on FHA loans but only for new purchases and not refinances. Check with us to see if a buydown makes sense for your situation.